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Why Purchase an RV Extended Service Contract?
More information on the Viking Protection Plan

The Viking Protection Plan RV Warranty was created with the RVer in mind. We built his program to be there for you when you need it most, allowing you utilize your service policy at any licensed Repair Facility in the United States or Canada. Whether you’re traveling close to home or embarking on a long trip through unfamiliar territory, we’ve got you covered.

This plan offers several levels of coverage, all of which provide comprehensive protection from the skyrocketing costs of RV Repair. The Administrator of this policy has an intensive background in the extended service contract industry, so you can rest assured that any claims you may have to make during the life of your policy will be adjusted by knowledgeable professionals. We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer service, and look forward to helping RVers across the nation through the stressful process of encountering a mechanical failure while out on the road. Another key part of any extended service contract is the stability—and we’ve got you covered here too. The Viking Protection Plan is backed by an insurance carrier that has been A Rated for financial stability, ensuring that all covered claims are paid accurately and on time.

The Viking Protection Plan offers RVers the peace of mind that they will not have to face the financial burden of RV Repairs alone.  With excellent coverage, a strong and knowledgeable claim adjustment staff, and the financial reassurance of a stable insurance carrier, the Viking Protection RV Warranty is the ideal protection package for the RV community.

How likely is it for my RV to break down?

3 out of 10 RV’s have a major
breakdown by their 2nd year and
8 out of 10 by their 5th year!

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