Dealership Warranty Program

We would like to invite you to provide the Viking Protection Plan RV Warranty through your Recreational Vehicle Dealership! This RV Extended Service Contract offers a premier level of coverage, top-notch customer service, and an overall consumer experience you can be proud to pass onto your loyal customers.

Offering RV Warranties through your dealership is a great way to act as a full-service source of RV information, services, and expertise. Dealerships who offer our policies have reported an enhancement in customer retention, thanks in large part to the following:

  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction – New RVers who have just purchased their rig, new or used, from your dealership will take comfort in knowing that if they have a mechanical breakdown they will be protected. After spending a good chunk of change on their new vehicle, it will be a relief to know that a major mechanical failure won’t put a dent into their new traveling budget.
  2. Repeat Business! If your dealership has a repair facility on-site, many customers will happily bring their RV back to you for repairs. The best part? The Viking Protection Plan RV Warranty is highly rated among RV shop owners, meaning your mechanic won’t run into hassle when filing claims for your customers.
  3. Referrals – A customer who has a great full-service experience at your shop, is happy with the Viking Protection Plan RV Warranty you sold them, and was impressed with your repair facility is almost guaranteed to send business your way. The RVing community is very social, and there is no better way to grow your business than with word of mouth.

Interested in getting started? Please submit your RV Dealership information and a representative will get in touch with you to go over the many benefits of offering the Viking Protection RV Extended Warranty through your facility.

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